(WCCO) - Private Jim Carroll was given the highest decoration France can bestow on a foreign citizen for his service and sacrifice in Western Europe during World War II.

As a soldier in the 101st Airborne division, Carroll jumped into Normandy and Holland as a paratrooper and fought in the Battle of the Bulge.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar said the 91-year-old fought bravely and it’s right to honor him.

“Jim’s service is nothing short of incredible,” she said. “He is part of the Greatest Generation.”

Carroll also spent 30 days over Christmas in a fox hole in Germany.

Klobuchar said it means a lot to current veterans who see the torch passed on.

“We want to remember the ones who went before us,” she said.

The Legion of Honor was created by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1802. Carroll also has been awarded the Bronze Star Medal.