US Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota made a stop in International Falls Tuesday to talk about jobs.

The Senator is promoting her competitive agenda for long term economic growth.

Senator Klobuchar had two main focuses during her meeting at the border town of International Falls.

She talked with community leaders about border safety and her new bill called the Cross Border Trade Enhancement Act. The measure would provide money for the rehabilitation of border towns like I–Falls.

"We want to keep International Falls with that international flare. You want us to be bringing in products to be a port of entry because it overall helps the economy. It's immediate jobs obviously at the port but there's other jobs but there's other jobs associated with that," said Senator Klobuchar.

A bill was passed just a few months ago that allows for private investment in the ports, which have traditionally been funded as a public–private partnership. The International Falls port of entry is the busiest port in the Northern Tier and Klobuchar says she wants to see that continue

Klobuchar also acknowledged the hit the community took late last year, losing more than 200 jobs in a round of layoffs at the Boise Paper Mill.

"I also want to make sure that workers who got laid off got trade assistance help, which means they can train for other jobs," said Klobuchar.

Klobuchar said she is committed to talking to the new CEO of Boise when she returns from Washington to find out what the company's long term plans are.

"My interest is making sure while we've lost some jobs here that the mill keeps running and that they want to invest in the future and that they're looking for business opportunities for the products that come out of the mill," said Klobuchar.

Mayor Bob Anderson says the town has gotten back on its feet since the Boise layoffs

"We have some teams working in the community, both citizens and business owners, working to try to bring new jobs but it's certainly always a challenge as it is for any community," said Mayor Bob Anderson.

Anderson said he appreciates Senator Klobuchar coming to town and listening to the concerns of the community.

Klobuchar has been coming to town at least once a year and says she will continue to come back to hear about the economic growth and development.

Senator Klobuchar was also heading to Bemidji and Staples Tuesday.