After a Senate Committee hearing today it looks more certain that the two largest beer companies in the world may become one next year.

Molson Coors is poised to take complete ownership of Miller Brands.

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But U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar is concerned how this merger could impact the craft breweries in and around Duluth.

The craft brewing industry controls 11% of the beer market in the U.S.

That's a large share of the market yet Coors and Miller both control 70% of the beer market right now.

Before the mammoth merger is complete, U.S. Senator Klobuchar wants the U.S. Department of Justice to ensure that this mega beer merger won't unfairly strangle competition from craft breweries.

Senator Klobuchar said "We are going to work very aggressive to make sure if the merger is approved by the Justice Department, that everything is put in place to create an even playing field for our small brewers. Because guess what: they are the ones employing people right in Duluth, right on the North Shore, and right in Minnesota.

Right now there are 70 breweries in Minnesota.

That is more breweries than the entire country had over 30 years ago.