The bipartisan legislation will update the current music licensing system to help ensure that songwriters are paid the royalties they are owed

WASHINGTON- U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) announced that the Music Modernization Act has unanimously passed the Senate. The bipartisan legislation, led by Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) and cosponsored by Klobuchar, will help ensure that songwriters are paid fair market value for their work by revising outdated songwriter royalty standards. The Music Modernization Act also creates a new, simplified licensing system to make it easier for digital music companies to obtain a license for songs and ensure that songwriters are paid the royalties they are owed.

“From Prince to Bob Dylan, Minnesota is home to some of the world’s greatest musical legends. In Dylan’s words, ‘The times they are a-changing,’ and these much needed reforms will help make sure songwriters are paid fairly for their work,” Klobuchar said. “The Senate passed this legislation unanimously and as it heads to the House, I will add, ‘Congressmen, Please heed the call, Don't stand in the doorway, Don't block up the hall.’”

As a member of the Senate Judiciary and Commerce Committees, Klobuchar has been a leader in the fight to protect innovation and modernize our intellectual property system. In 2011, the Senate passed her America Invents Act to overhaul our nation’s outdated patent system. She has also supported bipartisan legislation to address patents trolls who stifle small business and continues to push Congress to address the abusive tactics of patent trolls while ensuring that legitimate patent holders’ rights remain strong.