Taking a trip to the pharmacy is known to be an expensive one, but lawmakers in Washington are hoping to change that.

Representatives from Senator Amy Klobuchar’s office are traveling to several cities in southern Minnesota Wednesday and Thursday to address “skyrocketing” prescription drug prices. Klobuchar says 4 of the 10 top-selling medications have increased by more than 100 percent in the last few years, and there’s overwhelming support among Americans for lowering drug prices.

In a trio of bills, Klobuchar sponsored a measure to lift the ban on Medicare negotiating for lower drug prices for nearly 43 million seniors enrolled in Medicare Part D.

Two of Klobuchar’s measures are co-sponsored with Republican Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa, the new chair of the senate finance committee, which regulates drug pricing.

The measures would allow for the importation of less expensive prescription drugs from other countries. And to crack down on so-called “pay for delay” deals by which pharmaceutical companies pay manufacturers of generic competitors to keep them off the market.

Community members were invited to join the conversation and share how high prescription drug prices have impacted their lives.

Klobuchar’s team will be in Austin and Owatonna Thursday.