ST. PAUL - U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) presented a Purple Heart to the family of late Private Charles Shepherd in honor of his service during World War I. Klobuchar was joined by Shepherd’s son, Master Sergeant Larry Shepherd, an Air Force veteran who served in the Vietnam War as a C-130 engineer; his daughter-in-law Judy; his granddaughter Lori Lambert; and Minnesota National Guard Adjutant General Army Major General Shawn Manke. 

“Private Charles Shepard was one of the four million Americans who put their lives on the line to make the world safe for democracy in World War I. He is entitled to the Purple Heart because he was wounded in the war, but he never received one during his lifetime,” said Klobuchar. “When Larry reached out to our office to request assistance in securing a Purple Heart for his dad, it was our honor to help. We tell the world who we are as a state, and as a country by remembering to recognize our heroes. Part of how we do that is by making sure that we don't forget courageous soldiers like Private Charles Shepherd, because his story and his medal will be held in their family forever.” 

“My wife and I are very appreciative of this. It's very humbling to receive this award for Dad. Dad would have been very proud,” said Master Sergeant Larry Shepherd.

Private Charles Shepherd was injured in combat while serving in France during World War I, when he was shot in the arm by a German soldier as he was helping an injured squadron mate seek medical assistance. Private Shepherd did not receive a Purple Heart for his service, as Purple Hearts were not awarded at the time of World War I. However, in 1932 when the Purple Heart medal was revived, all veterans who were killed or wounded after April 1917 became retroactively eligible to receive Purple Heart commendation for their service. Larry Shepherd reached out to Klobuchar’s office, seeking assistance in securing a posthumous Purple Heart for his father.