CASS LAKE -- Nearly two weeks after being stolen, the stars and stripes at Fairbanks Mission Cemetery can fly again.

According to John Fairbanks, whose land contains the 150-grave cemetery roughly five miles northwest of Cass Lake, the United States flag that flies above the cemetery was stolen from its flagpole on May 31. After making calls and filing reports with regional law enforcement agencies, though, Fairbanks said the flag was back on his property Monday.

“It’s terrific, I’m thrilled,” said Fairbanks. “This would have bothered me for months, years possibly. My father’s buried there, I have uncles buried there. They’re all veterans and we have a lot of other veterans there, too.”

After getting his flag back, Fairbanks said he also would have had another option, though, thanks to U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn. Fairbanks said that Klobuchar had read about his situation and a member of her staff called to offer another flag that had flown over the Minnesota State Capitol.

Because Fairbanks had already had his flag back in his possession, he declined the offer, but was still very grateful.

“I was shocked, I thought it was going to be a political deal when I found out who was calling,” Fairbanks said. “I was very appreciative of her staff giving me a call, though. My family is still talking about it.”