One of Minnesota’s U.S. senators is about to reach out to local seniors.

Staff from U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s office will visit the Mower County Senior Center, 400 Third Ave. NE in Austin, at noon on April 20 as part of a statewide Serving Our Seniors tour. The forum is free and open to the public.

Klobuchar’s staff will highlight resources and services currently available to Minnesota seniors and discuss Klobuchar’s policy priorities to help aging Americans and their caregivers.

The forum will also feature listening sessions to ensure that input from people in Austin is brought back to Washington.

Klobuchar introduced the Americans Giving Care to Elders (AGE) Act to help reduce the financial strain on families by establishing a federal tax credit to assist with the costs of caring for an aging family member.

“The Serving Our Seniors staff tour is an opportunity for members of my staff to connect with Minnesota seniors from across the state,” Klobuchar in a press release. “From protecting Social Security and Medicare, to working across the aisle to lower the cost of prescription drugs, to helping seniors cut through bureaucratic red tape, I’m committed to fighting for Minnesota seniors and their families.”

Klobuchar has been involved with bipartisan efforts to address the high cost of prescription drugs, authoring multiple pieces of legislation that would protect American consumers.

The Safe and Affordable Drugs from Canada Act would require the Federal Drug Administration to establish a personal importation program that would allow individuals to import a 90-day supply of prescription drugs from an approved Canadian pharmacy.

The Preserve Access to Affordable Generics Act would expand consumers’ access to the cost-saving generic drugs they need and increase competition between drug manufacturers and choices for consumers by helping to put an end to “pay for delay” deals — the practice of brand-name drug manufacturers using anti-competitive pay-off agreements to keep more affordable generic equivalents off the market.

Klobuchar also introduced the Medicare Prescription Drug Price Negotiation Act, which would empower Medicare to negotiate for the best possible price of prescription medication on behalf of seniors who are enrolled in Medicare Part D. Current law only allows for bargaining by pharmaceutical companies and bans Medicare from doing so.

Klobuchar’s staff will be joined by representatives from Mower County Public Health and AARP.

The event will be the second visit by a U.S. senator’s staff in about a month. In March, Sen. Al Franken’s office visited Austin to discuss high prescription drug costs.