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Senator Amy Klobuchar is raising awareness on Americans who live with rare diseases.

She hosted a virtual press conference Monday afternoon and was joined by representatives from Mayo Clinic and the group “Every-Life Foundation for Rare Diseases.”

There are more than 10,000 known rare diseases impacting 30 million Americans.

But Senator Klobuchar says the Food and Drug Administration has treatments approved for fewer than 5 percent of them.

“Mayo Clinic is in the lead nationally with personal medicine and able to identify rare disorders. As we see this spread across the country, the expertise, we’ll be able to unlock the mystery of rare diseases. And find the best treatment and how to cure them,” Sen. Klobuchar said.

Senator Klobuchar also invited Abbey Hauser to join today’s virtual press conference. Hauser is a rare disease advocate who lives with ‘Classical Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome’. The senator serves as the Co-Chair of the Rare Disease Congressional Caucus.