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Sen. Amy Klobuchar visited the Minnesota National Guard’s 133 Airlift Wing in St. Paul Sunday to push for more help to maintain transport planes used by the guard.

The Airmen fly the C-130 Hercules, and Klobuchar says she is working to get more funds to take care of those planes.

Col. James D. Cleet, wing commander of the 133rd Airlift, says the planes need more attention as they get older.

“They’re harder to get parts for, they’re harder to maintain, and my maintenance officer … is spending more and more time keeping these [the C-130 Hercules] in the air,” Cleet said. “They just need more TLC.”

The C-130s have been used to help with floods in Minnesota, as well as on military missions across the world.

Recently, Klobuchar was able to secure funding for upgrades to their propellers.