Eight days and the ears of three of the highest elected officials representing Borderland is a trifecta of sorts.

It’s not unusual for Borderland to be on the itinerary of officials as they tour northern Minnesota, but this week has brought us Minnesota’s U.S. Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken, with Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton the week before. Therefore, if a trifecta is a run of three wins or grand events, this round of visits certainly qualifies.

It’s good to know these folks not only know where we are, but understand it’s not the end of the road. Instead, they know the larger community of International Falls is a hub of transportation, industry, tourism and border entry.

They know us and see our advantages, but also understand our challenges. To that end they’re willing and able to help us focus on what we do best and have to offer the rest of the world, as well as to help us overcome the challenges that sometimes are not our doing.

That’s saying a lot about these folks, especially in that Dayton, Franken nor Klobuchar are campaigning for reelection. Dayton’s term ends January 2019, Klobuchar’s current term ends in 2019 and Franken’s in 2021.

Clearly, we are not the only stops these people make as they do what we’ve elected them to do: listen to us and represent our views in their elected positions.

But when considering the vast state we live in, there are many other places with more constituents, or voters, they could visit. Instead, they choose our community and our businesses, among others, in which to visit and hear about our concerns, needs and successes.

Kudos to Dayton, Franken and Klobuchar for understanding that our community is not only an important part of the state, but plays a role in the vitality of the nation. And for looking for ways to help us do better.