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Governor Tim Walz made a stop at Fort Snelling National Cemetery on Monday to attend a Memorial Day service.

As reported over the weekend, volunteers from Flags for Fort Snelling put small American flags at the grave sites at the cemetery.

The tradition started in 2015 to honor the more than 180,000 soldiers resting there, and volunteers say they want the flags to show that our fallen military heroes haven’t been forgotten.

“It’s to honor those who have been a part of the military so that we can be free to do what we like as a country,” said Laurie Larson, a volunteer with Flags for Fort Snelling.

During the event, Walz and Minnesota U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar spoke, as well as several others.

The annual service is held to remember fallen military heroes, and includes a flyover, a small parade through the crowd and music from a military band.

Also happening Monday, an event honoring the state’s previous “Decoration Day” traditions will take place. Decoration Day is an early version of what is now known as Memorial Day.

Staff will deliver speeches dressed in 1890s military clothing, reflecting on the most commonly discussed conflicts of the late 1800s. During the afternoon, visitors will be able to attend a military bicycle demonstration.

All United States and Minnesota flags are to fly at half-staff from sunrise until 12 p.m. Monday at all state buildings in honor of those who have fallen. Businesses and organizations are also invited to lower their flags, as well as residents.