RUSHFORD, Minn. (WKBT) - A decade ago, the town of Rushford was devastated by a flood that struck much of southeastern Minnesota.

On Sunday, U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, along with other local officials were in Rushford to mark the 10-year anniversary with a short ceremony.

The flood in Rushford dropped over 17 inches of rain leaving 50 percent of the city flooded.

A referendum passed in 2014 allowing the Rushford- Peterson School District to replace the building that was destroyed by the floods.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held Saturday for the new school in Rushford, and people were able to tour the facility.

Klobuchar said the 2007 floods really brought everyone together and seeing the new school makes everyone proud.

"People are so proud. That's all they want to know: When are you going to see the school? I can't wait to see the school and I think the school is a symbol of not only for this community getting their act together after a disaster like we've never seen before, but it's also for the future. It's for the kids," Klobuchar said.

Officials say that although school is not in session, they wanted to hold the grand-opening for the school Saturday to mark the ten year anniversary.