PLYMOUTH, Minn. – Senator Amy Klobuchar and other state leaders in the State of Hockey gathered at the Plymouth Ice Arena Sunday to give those who enjoy indoor hockey and other sports a big "heads up."

By the year 2020, the R-22 refrigerant used by 120 ice arenas across the state will no longer be manufactured or imported, meaning some rinks will have to purchase new systems.

With costs nearing $1 million, it will likely be the cities or youth hockey programs that use the arenas that will foot the bill.

"Youth hockey is cherished in Minnesota and is permanently woven into our state's culture and history," said Klobuchar. "I am urging the EPA to work closely with ice arena owners and industry partners to help ease the transition so these facilities can continue to support youth hockey and keep this tradition alive." 

Currently, state legistation is being proposed to provide relief for city arenas dealing with high costs for R-22 and leaks that sometimes occur.

Given the environmental concerns with R-22, the U.S. and other countries around the world put together an agreement called the Montreal Protocol that would phase out the production of R-22 and other similar chemicals by the year 2020.