Duluth city leaders and Minnesota Government officials held a conference call to discuss updates on how to support areas affected by the coronavirus and what Duluth is doing to stop the spread.

Mayor Emily Larson, along with county board members joined Senator Amy Klobuchar to speak about stabilizing the local economy during this crisis.

A bill has just been passed which would give health care workers the help they need including: more emergency beds and more availability of testing for the virus.

The bill would also help local small businesses who are struggling.

“To provide small businesses with forgivable loans to cover payroll and many operating expenses as long as these businesses keep their workers on staff or if they have already laid them off, hire them back before before June. The payroll expenses are forgiven and never have to be repaid,” U.S Senator, Amy Klobuchar says.

Senator Klobuchar’s husband who has also been stricken with the coronavirus has been released from the hospital and is recovering at home.