Sen. Amy Klobuchar helped introduce a bill in Washington to improve the federal stalking laws.

"The problem here is that the predators are more technologically sophisticated than the law that can be used to enforce the statute against them and this is a problem," Klobuchar said.

One-out-of-four stalking cases involve the internet, she said, so she's sponsoring the senate version of a bill that would make it easier for victims to seek help from law enforcement, and increase the penalties.

The Washington news conference had some star power, too. ESPN sportscaster Erin Andrews, who was stalked by a man who secretly recorded nude videos of her through hotel room peepholes, was in attendance to give support for the bill.

"This crime hurts families and it violates people," Andrews said. "It affects your everyday life, the way you communicate, the way you travel, the way you take double glances at people. It affects everything in your life."

The man who stalked Andrews is serving more than two years in a federal prison.