KIMT News 3- A bipartisan bill put forward by US Sen. Amy Klobuchar (DFL-Minnesota) aims to keep information gathered by your vehicle private.

In planes they are black boxes, pieces of information key in investigations if the plane were to crash. In cars, this type of technology is called the event data recorder and is mostly in newer vehicles. The device records things like direction, speed, and seatbelt usage just to name a few. Right now it’s unclear who owns that information gathered by the device but Sen. Klobuchar’s bill would give ownership to the vehicle’s owner. She is hopeful this legislation can gain steam. “We have plans to try and get it on the transportation bill which is a must pass bill that has to get done in the late spring because of highway funds,” Sen. Klobuchar says.

15 states have passed similar laws dealing with EDR’s.