Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) sent a Friday letter to Kaleo Inc. criticizing the around $4,500 price tags of its two products, opioid overdose treatment Evzio and allergic reaction treatment Auvi-Q. Kaleo prices these products at high levels, it says, to allow patients with commercial insurance to pay no out-of-pocket costs. But Klobuchar challenged that explanation. "These programs may simply shift costs to other parts of the healthcare system, which are eventually passed on to consumers through higher premiums," she said. "Many worry this pricing strategy may allow pharmaceutical companies to benefit from increased profits while hiding the true costs to consumers." Big price increases on Evzio, from $690 to over $4,500 over the last three years, are "worrisome," she said. She called the $4,500 price tag for an Auvi-Q two-pack "especially disturbing." The senator asked Kaleo to explain its Evzio price increases and Auvi-Q's pricing structure in her letter. Auvi-Q, a competitor with Mylan Inc.'s MYL, +0.10% EpiPen, is not yet on the market and expected to be available starting Feb. 14.