By Joel Runck

GARDEN CITY, Minn. -With Congress on a five-week recess and still no agreement on the Farm Bill, U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar is criss-crossing Southcentral Minnesota to meet with agricultural constituents.

The Democrat made a stop on a farm near Garden City Sunday evening.

Sen. Klobuchar says passing the legislation would provide much needed relief to farmers dealing with financial setbacks as a result of the drought.

Officials say the current bill on the table would shave about $23 billion off the federal deficit. However, even with the Senate's blessing, the legislation still remains tied up in the House.

Klobuchar says she hopes the bill will make it through Congress shortly after recess.

"If anyone needs a reason, they should look at the drought, they should look at all the fields mowed down in Indiana and Illinois, and Iowa and other places--we need to get this farm bill done," Sen. Klobuchar said.

Congress is scheduled to reconvene this September.