Senator Amy Klobuchar spent the day with US Secretary of Health and Human Services, Sylvia Burwell touring the state. They took the time to tour the Mayo Clinic's Biobank, discuss research underway to advance precision medicine and finally the University of Minnesota's Center for Magnetic Resonance Research.

On their tour Klobuchar and Burwell were shown the cutting edge work going on inside.

"This is the type of research that's going to make a difference in our knowledge where we don't have a tremendous amount of knowledge at this point," Burwell said.

The center piece at the center was a magnetic attraction.

"They have the biggest magnet around here at the university," Klobuchar said.

The magnet was unveiled in December of 2013. It is the world's largest whole body human magnetic resonance imaging magnet. The U says, the magnet will help in brain research and human body imaging.

This is the type of growth in the medical field Klobuchar supports.

"We understand that finding cures for disease is about helping patients and helping people in our country, it's also about the economy in Minnesota. We have a lot of doctors and nurses and people that do research and we don't want our country to fall behind," Klobuchar said.