Sen. Amy Klobuchar urged schools to follow the lead of Hopkins High School, who recently switched to healthier, fresher food in the cafeteria.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar spent some time in a local high school Monday morning to make a push for healthier school lunches.

The senator visited Hopkins High School where she met with students to talk about the importance of nutrition.

Klobuchar is part of the Senate Agriculture Committee, which is considering new guidelines for school lunches.

Hopkins High School recently switched to fresher, higher-quality and healthier food in the cafeteria -- something Klobuchar says benefits everyone.

"If we're using federal dollars, if we're using tax payer dollars we better make sure that we're serving kids the right things," Klobuchar said. "Because if we use tax payer dollars to give them bad food and they graduate and they're overweight, that isn't going to help the tax payers because then they're going to be paying more money."

Senator Klobuchar said kids take in 30 to 50 percent of their daily calories in school.

She said it's very important to come up with healthier food choice programs, like the one started at Hopkins.