Topics of internationalism, possibility and proximity all welcomed Carleton Carls during the 2015 Opening Convocation.

U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar and Carleton alumna Carol Barnett gave their advice to local students, staff and community members during the 2015 Opening Convocation held on Monday on campus.

"Welcome to Carleton and welcome home," said Carol Barnett, a 1986 graduate of Carleton College.

According to Carleton College President Steven Poskanzer, this year marked the first break in tradition of the opening convocation with it being held outdoors in the Bald Spot.

Although the location of the convocation changed, the sentiments expressed at the program remained the same. Staff members welcomed students, new and returning, and encouraged them to have yet another great year.

Klobuchar was the first speaker to share her wisdom with students and others in attendance. She spoke on the topic of internationalism in the heartland and how important it is for young students to get involved on an international level.

She also spoke of her experiences working in the Senate on an international level and then related it back to how students can and should get involved.

"We need to embrace, rather than tolerate, internationalism," she said.

Klobuchar also mentioned the number of international students that attend the college, as well as the large number of students that study abroad during their college career. She said it was important to get involved now so that in the future, the students could become knowledgeable and competent leaders in the world.

Barnett spoke on the themes of possibility and proximity.

She said that wherever a person goes on campus, "each person you stand next to is a fellow scholar and possible friend."

Barnett spoke on the sense of community that is built on the campus, as well as how easily it can be broken. She reminded students to get out there, make friends and continue to grow the Carleton College Community during the new school year.