By Emma Quinn

U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar and Mayor Emily Larson say Duluth is open for business and are encouraging everyone to make their way to the Twin Ports this summer.

Visit Duluth officials say tourism tax collections from April of this year were up 600% from April of 2020.

This huge spike is due largely in part to hotels and restaurants reopening after operating at limited capacity or closing their doors during the pandemic.

Sen. Klobuchar, a Democrat from Minnesota says there's a lot of work being done in Washington D.C. to help the tourism industry as a whole.

She adds funding from the hospitality piece of the Rescue America Act is making its way to the Twin Ports.

"We didn't want to be so much in a hole with restaurants closed down and hotels closed down that when people were ready to go," said Klobuchar. "That we had no place to visit, that's the opposite of where we are in Duluth right now."

Klobuchar adds she's had conversations with Canadian legislators to help get the Northwest Angle re-open to help those struggling businesses.

She said they are taking steps in the right direction.

Visit Duluth officials say more than six million people visit Duluth every year.

While 2021 numbers will likely be lower, they are confident many visitors will make their way to the area this summer as COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted.