By: Kay Cooley, WDAY Staff Reports

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) – U.S. Senators Hoeven and Klobuchar are not letting state lines divide a common goal: permanent flood protection.

The two teamed up, raising their concerns during a tour today across the Valley.

The Senators stopped at sites like this dike on Second Street and say hopefully in a few years, it won't have to be here.

Senators Hoeven and Klobuchar are making a pit stop in the Valley, touring flood protection efforts on both sides of the big Red.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, (D) Minnesota: "It's a river that doesn't divide our communities. It unites us."

Uniting North Dakota and Minnesota for flood fights, and an even larger goal.

Sen. John Hoeven, (R) North Dakota: "It just demonstrates what we know."

Klobuchar: "People have learned how to do this but that doesn't mean that we don't help them."

Leaders say although permanent flood walls like this one are a step in the right direction, the best solution is a diversion project

Hoeven: "Senator Klobuchar and I actually met with the President on this issue and made it very clear this is a huge priority for both our states."

In the last month, their efforts have been able to increase this year's funding by 7.4 million dollars for project engineering and design. And soon, they'll push to pass the Water Resources Development Act.

Hoeven: "Next week Monday, we will have that bill on the floor."

It includes authorization for the diversion project.

Hoeven: "I believe we have the votes to get it. We still have to get it passed the full floor."

Klobuchar: "This is more than just about North Dakota and Minnesota. It's more than even about the upper Midwest. This is about our country."

Both working together to drive their strong passion all the way to the capitol.

Hoeven and Klobuchar say they'll keep working to get diversion construction funding into the budget. The federal share of the $1.8 billion project is about $800 million.