One of the two major bridges between Duluth and Superior was cited as an example of a need for transportation funding during a confirmation hearing for Pete Buttigieg on Thursday.

Buttigieg is President Joe Biden's nominee for Transportation Secretary. During the hearing by Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minnesota) spoke about the deadly 2007 I-35W bridge collapse in Minneapolis and the continued need for funding to repair bridges.

"So often states and counties other local governments are expected to maintain these bridges, but don't have the resources to do it. And so it's another example of how we need major and significant investment as a safety concern to enhance, upgrade, and maintain bridges and other key critical infrastructure assets across the country," Buttigieg said.

The Blatnik Bridge, which opened in 1961, has been designated by state transportation officials as a "high priority improvement project" but a schedule for repair or replacement has not yet been set. It requires frequent maintenance for substantial corrosion.

The bridge carries I-535 and U.S. Highway 53 over St. Louis Bay and is high enough to allow ships to travel underneath.

The Associated Press reported that Buttigieg appears to be headed down a smooth path to quick confirmation. At the hearing, he pledged to work with senators to carry out the administration’s ambitious agenda to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure.

Buttigieg pointed to a “generational opportunity” to create new jobs, fight economic inequality and stem climate change.

He indicated he would reverse a Trump administration rollback in federal automotive fuel economy standards to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, work to stiffen oversight of aviation safety as the troubled Boeing 737 Max makes its return to the skies and encourage use of electric vehicles.

A Senate committee vote on his nomination could come as soon as next week.