On Sunday, a Minnesota mother spent her first Mother’s Day with her daughter after a long adoption process.

Justine Topel adopted Ida more than two years ago from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

However, they were separated most of the time during those two years because officials in the Democratic Republic of Congo decided to suspend all exit letters for adoptees in late 2013.

Upon hearing of Topel’s difficult adoption process, U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar stepped in to help. She pressed the U.S. Ambassador to the Democratic Republic of Congo to help get the documents for Ida’s travel to the U.S. approved.

Three-year-old Ida was finally united with her family about two weeks ago.

“It's just this surreal moment because you've waited so long, you know, it was over two years of waiting, of being her mom and not being able to care for her,” Topel said. “Finding out she's sick after you get the bill, you know. And she's finally in my arms and we're hugging. It was just the most beautiful moment in the world."