By Anthony Monzon

U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar is drawing attention to an urgent need for blood donations across the country.
Minnesota's blood banks report donations have dropped by 10% since the start of the pandemic, and are now at the lowest they've been in a decade. During a virtual roundtable discussing kicking off the start of National Blood Donor Month, Senator Klobuchar said data shows there has been an increased medical demand for blood in recent months, coupled with a drop in donation numbers. 
"Typically, our hospitals have three-to-five days of blood available, if not more. Right now, they are down to a one-day supply, so that's why you see this cry across the state for more blood donations," the senator said.
While discussing the blood supply shortage with healthcare professionals from across Minnesota, Senator Klobuchar emphasized the importance of maintaining adequate blood levels ahead of possible medical emergencies.
"When medical emergencies strike, we need to make sure [hospitals] have the supply to respond to them. The good news is that we can all help solve this problem by donating blood. One donation can save up to three lives, no matter what your blood type."
Senator Klobuchar adds every two seconds, a patient in the United States is in need of blood or platelets.