A mother is sharing her daughter's tragic death to help stop an opiate epidemic locally, and around the country.

She's joining Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar in trying to lobby Congress.

Casey Jo Schulte died last year in her Fargo home at the age of 26, a victim of a painkiller addiction that led to heroin.

Her mother, Shelly Elkington, wants to make sure that doesn't happen again.

She's joining Klobuchar, who sponsored a wide-ranging bill in the Senate to address opiate addiction.

The bill will enhance drug monitoring to keep people from getting opiates from different doctors, make it easier for pharmacies to take back pills, and increase funding for addiction treatment.

They say opiates are a dangerous slippery slope, and they want to cut off the problem at the source.

Elkington says, "Personally, with our situation with Casey, we didn't know either how bad it could get, and it did."

Klobuchar adds, "Just to give you a sense now, like heroin users, whoever used to think this, but four out of five heroin users got their start on prescription drugs. "

The pair also wants to help reduce the stigma those with addiction face, to help give them courage to ask for help.

Klobuchar's bill has passed the Senate.

She's working with legislators in the House to reconcile multiple similar bills.