Evan Kruegel 

It was more than mere curiosity that prompted Senator John Hoeven to bring a Minnesota colleague with him to Williston this morning. He and Senator Amy Klobuchar have joined forces on legislation towards creating a better energy policy for the country.

When Klobuchar heard about the growth in western North Dakota, she wanted a first hand look at the cause.

"North Dakota, and this part of North Dakota, is leading the nation in energy development. It is something you hear about nationally every day. And senator Klobuchar and I are working together on energy legislation so she said I need to come out and see what`s going on and I said great," Hoeven said.

The Senators flew in this morning, before taking a driving tour around Williston.

The tour stopped at the Statoil rig just north of town. Both Senators were given a brief presentation on what goes on here before being given a chance to tour the actual rig.

Both Senators know the issues a booming city must face.

"There is always challenges when you grow so quickly, like we`ve seen in williston. But people have to remember the good parts, and that is that it`s bringing in jobs, and investment, and development. Not just in North Dakota but also in states like Minnesota," Klobuchar said.

Both Senators are working on the Domestic Fuels Act, which would reduce the country`s reliance on foreign oil. Klobuchar`s up-close look at Williston will give her a better idea of how the progress in Western North Dakota could impact the country`s energy reliance for quite some time.

The trip lasted only a few hours, but Klobuchar said she would like to return soon.