DULUTH, Minn. – President Donald Trump met with the president of China today to talk about a number of issues including illegal steel entering the U.S. market from China.

FOX 21 spoke with Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar today about the issue and she believes a number of factors are in play when controlling steel that’s imported.

One such policy is having higher taxes on it.

No matter what the policy, the steel being dumped in the U.S. is hurting the Northland, according to Klobuchar.

“China continues to be the biggest offender in terms of dumping illegal steel on our shores which in turn hurts our workers in the Northland and all over the Midwest,” Klobuchar said.

Last week, Trump signed an executive order to help combat the problem.

Klobuchar said there has been a lot of support across the aisle for stricter regulations against illegal steel in the U.S., and believes Trump will help solve the problem today with his meeting with China’s president.