CHANDLER — Sen. Amy Klobuchar took time to learn more about wind energy Wednesday afternoon at the EDF Renewable Energy plant in Chandler.

Klobuchar is a big supporter of renewable energy and is hoping to make a longer-term tax credit available for wind energy. She explained that in the past the tax credit has been renewed every year, but it is her goal to be able to make it a five-year credit plan — much like the farm bill that is currently in place.

“That would really encourage investment,” Klobuchar said “Manufacturers are looking for places to put their (wind energy) plants, and if they know that tax credit is going to be there, that helps our economy more than just providing energy. It provides stability and consistency for investors and people who are looking to moving and living in the area.”

During her visit, Klobuchar spoke to the employees at EDF Renewable Energy and had fun asking them questions to learn more, not only about the wind turbines but also their jobs.

“It’s great to be able to see how these things operate and to actually understand how they work,” Klobuchar said. “This is such an important part of our economy in Minnesota. It energizes our businesses and homes, and we’d like to see more of it.”

The senator also expressed her opinions on why she thinks the state needs this type of industry.

“We are not a state that produces other kinds of energy, and this is good for us because it is close to home and is home-grown energy,” Klobuchar said. “It is clean energy, and it is renewable, so we aren’t taking something we can’t put back.”

The EDF Renewable Energy plant is part of the Fenton Wind Energy Project. The project includes 137 wind turbines, stretching seven miles long and seven miles wide over farm fields in Nobles and Murray counties.

Klobuchar is currently doing a two-day competitive agenda tour across southern Minnesota highlighting economic and workforce development opportunities. Wednesday’s agenda also included a tour and meeting at the Pipestone County Medical Center and a Rock County flood recovery meeting and tour beginning at the Rock County Law Enforcement Center in Luverne. Today she will offer remarks at 10 a.m. at the Worthington Bio Conference at the Worthington Event Center, followed by a Women in Manufacturing event at AGCO in Jackson, before she continues east to stops in Fairmont and Lewisville.