WASHINGTON, D.C.- While the return of concerts and theaters remains uncertain, Minnesota Senator Klobuchar is trying to provide independent venues some financial relief.

The Save our Stages act asks for ten billion dollars that will help them for the next six months.

“The idea is short term help for theaters and small venues, to help them so that they can make it through this pandemic and then re-open,” Klobuchar said.

Senator Klobuchar says the music venues were some of the first businesses to close when the pandemic first hit, and they’re probably going to be one of the last to reopen fully.

“The music scene in America is one of our biggest exports. It’s not only one of our biggest exports, it’s also a way we bring money and jobs into America. We don’t want to have it go away, and these venues give artists the ability to make their name and show their stuff,” she adds.

Fargo Theatre and Tak Music Venue in Dillworth have cancelled over 60 events since the pandemic first started back in March.

“Our reopening day is still to be determined. New films aren’t coming out, basically every touring, comedy or musical act has cancelled their tour for the summer, so we’re looking forward to the fall,” the executive director of the Fargo Theater Emily Beck said.

“We basically went dark immediately. So, all of the income that we would have coming in from that point forward, basically didn’t happen,” Tak Music Venue Todd Carlson said.

The businesses say they feel hopeful, optimistic, but importantly, heard.

“It acknowledges the cultural significance of live comedy and live music, but it also recognizes that these things have a huge economic impact on the community too,” Beck adds.