Scandia County Messenger
March 31, 2009

During remarks to the National Association of Broadcasters, Klobuchar says that a free press is critical to democracy

During remarks to the National Association of Broadcasters today, U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar called for a national reporter shield law. Klobuchar is a sponsor of the bipartisan Free Flow of Information Act, which would protect journalists and their sources from unwarranted legal interference in the newsgathering process.

“Democracy depends on an informed public and the free flow of information, and that in turn depends on journalists being able to gather information without fear,” said Klobuchar. “This bill will provide journalists with reasonable protections so that they can continue to serve as the public’s eyes and ears.”

The Free Flow of Information Act would protect journalists from being compelled to testify or reveal confidential sources in legal proceedings and government investigations unless a judge finds a compelling need, such as when their evidence would prevent terrorist acts or violent harm to individuals.

The legislation was introduced by Senator Specter and sponsored by, among others, Senators Lugar, Schumer, and Murray.