Article by: Jim Spencer

The Export Council advices the president on matters connected to international trade.

WASHINGTON - President Obama on Friday appointed Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., to the Export Council, a powerful advisory body that counsels the president on international trade.

Klobuchar, beginning her second six-year Senate term, joins four other senators, five House members, the secretary of commerce, several other Cabinet members and 28 members of the private sector on the council.

Klobuchar's appointment comes after her service chairing the Senate Commerce Committee's Subcommittee on Competitiveness, where she dealt with ways to make American businesses more viable in the world economy.

Her new post on the Export Council will include reviewing and resolving issues in the business, industrial, agricultural, labor and government sectors.

Some major Minnesota business leaders reacted positively to Obama's action.

"3M applauds the appointment of Senator Klobuchar to the President's Export Council and looks forward to her leadership in improving American competitiveness, opening global markets, and increasing U.S. export opportunities around the world," H.C. Shin, executive vice president of 3M's international operations, said in a statement.

Enterprise Minnesota, which helps small and medium-sized companies grow, praised Klobuchar's appointment, too. "She has been a strong and visible advocate for doing business internationally," said Enterprise Minnesota President Robert Kill in a statement.