MANKATO, MINN. - Back in February we introduced you to a couple that traveled to Lebanon in 2016 to bring home their new adopted baby.

But what they thought would be a three month stay turned into much more than that..

Father Nick Rahme says, "We were told two weeks, next two weeks, another month, so this is how it dragged all the time and then we ended up staying there for 11 months."

The community support reaching all the way to Senator Amy Klobuchar is what kept them going...

Grandmother Najwa Massad says, "We were worried especially when the ban was instated and they'd say to us don't worry about us it's our job and it's not a job. A job is what you work 8 to 5 and then you go home and forget about it. They worked day and night."

And today Senator Klobuchar is presenting them with the Angels in Adoption Award in Washington D.C.

Senator Amy Klobuchar says, "These are parents that wanted to adopt john. He was in a refugee camp in Lebanon and was there as an orphan and it's very hard right now obviously he's from Syria what happened in Syria and then you have all kinds of religious issues in those countries, but they put this beautiful child first and decided that they were going to do everything to bring him home."

The award is given to one family in every state each year.

Mother Meray Rahme says, "It's an honor. We definitely went through some heartache but thank goodness for Senator Klobuchar. She was almost like the light at the end of the tunnel.. it was a long tunnel. It was a process but we're all home and healthy, and very happy."

Nick says, "We are blessed and very very happy and excited for having john for two years now and he made our life a lot better and we can't wait for the future."