By Samantha Soto

Thursday U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar introduced bipartisan legislation to strengthen pool safety and protect children from drowning. The bill would support safety standards for public swimming pools and spas.

Sen. Klobuchar led efforts to pass the original Pool Safety law in 2007. Since the law's passage, there have been no pool drain entrapment deaths. 

At Rochester city pools, pools are regularly inspected by Olmsted County Public Health. 

The Rochester Swim Club has also been working to train and get lifeguards certified. 

Everyday before pools open, lifeguards check to make sure drain covers are in working order. 

Rochester Parks and Recreation Supervisor, Ben Boldt, says, “We do everything we need to and everything we can to make sure it's safe as possible. Everyone loves to enjoy a day at the pool, but we want to make sure it's a safe time while they're here.” 

Sen. Klobuchar's re-introduced bill updates the original law, including expanding eligibility for the Swimming Pool Safety Grant Program. This provides state and local governments funding for pool and spa safety programs.

Cascade Lake and Foster Arend Beach open Saturday, May 26. 

“Both of those beaches, there are not lifeguards present, so it's even more important to make sure people are swimming safely, parents keeping track of the kids and not getting out into deeper water than their comfortable with,” he adds. 

Rochester's Soldiers Field Pool will open June 4th followed by Silver Lake Pool June 6th.