St. Paul, MN ( -- Right now, there are three steel-related cases pending before the Department of Commerce.

Congressman Rick Nolan says measures, taken to curb steel dumping in the U.S. are slowly showing results.

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U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar has urged the department to implement stringent final duties on illegal steel dumpers and inspect ships - even turning them around if they include illegal steel.

"We have the power to put those big tariffs on. To turn the ships around. And we need to use that power and show that power; so that our workers can compete on an even playing field," Senator Klobuchar said.

Senator Klobuchar went on to say that she wants to see the U.S. government send ships back to their country of origin if it is proven that they are carrying illegal steel.

She says that would set an example for the entire world.