Many in Minnesota are closely watching President Barack Obama's trip to Havana, including those who have a connection to Cuba.

Victor's 1959 Cafe is a Cuban restaurant in South Minneapolis. The owner, Niki Stavrou, believes Obama's trip will help the relations between the two countries.

"It's going to be wonderful for the people between the two counties to be able to connect to each other," Stavrou said. "I think it's really good. I think the embargo needs to come to an end."

Members of the nonprofit Minnesota Cuba Committee say the future between the two nations remains unclear because of the U.S trade embargo.

"We are working very steadily to try to influence the Congress in order to repeal the embargo which is a major roadblock," Franklin Curbelo with Minnesota Cuba Committee said.

Even though Obama is rolling back restrictions on Cuba, he has been unable to persuade Congress to lift the U.S. trade embargo. Senator Amy Klobuchar, who is traveling with the president in Cuba, is also working on ending the embargo.