Senator Amy Klobuchar has been touring the state this week.

At her stop in Lewisville, she heard about the help the town has been getting from the USDA.

In the search for the quintessential small town, Lewisville would definitely make the cut.

But a dwindling and aging population, couple with some destructive disasters, have meant that the town needs some help.

Lewisville mayor Barb Pfeil says, "I would like to see our city grow again. Bring a business into town. Because of the fires, we have some empty space. I'd love to fill that up again."

In order to make that possible, the community has updated its water system.

Dominic Jones with Red Rock Rural Water Systems says, "We're able to partner together with small communities and serve many people."

They've also added a new fire truck, all through the help of rural development grants.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) says, "Kids that grow up in rural Minnesota should be able to live in rural Minnesota. We have small towns like this one - 250 people- that will need some help here and there. Whether it's a fire truck or water project. The USDA doesn't just help with the farm bill. It's rural development too. Providing small loans at reasonable rates."