By Bruce Hagevik, NewsRadio 830 WCCO
MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — All four U.S. senators from Minnesota and Wisconsin are behind a proposal which would clear the way for a new bridge over the St. Croix River at Stillwater.
“We have all four senators , the two senators from Wisconsin have joined the bill — bipartisan bill — as well as Senator Franken,” said Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar.
She said that improves chances of passage.
Klobuchar has introduced legislation that would allow an exemption from the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.
“The Scenic Rivers Act actually anticipated that you would have exemptions from time to time,” Klobuchar said.
Critics said it would open the door to other construction projects affecting other protected rivers around the nation.
“The exemption is only for this bridge — for this unique situation,” said Klobuchar.
The next question is whether Congress will approve the exemption.
“Obviously, getting anything through Congress is tough,” Klobuchar said.
The four lane bridge would cost an estimated $690 million.
Minnesota Congresswoman, Betty McCollum, continues to voice opposition. She called the bridge fiscally irresponsible and also claimed it would increase congestion along the Highway 36 corridor.
NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Bruce Hagevik Reports