March 29, 2009

Minnesota's lone senator, Amy Klobuchar visited the flood hot-spots along the Red River today.

She wanted to reassure people they'll get help from the U.S. Government.

"One of my missions was to say North Dakota is suffering, here but there's a lot going on on the Minnesota side and we want people to be aware of that," said Klobuchar.

Klobuchar is in direct contact with the President, the acting director of FEMA, Nancy Ward, and the head of Homeland Security. She said they're engaged in this disaster and the days of bad feelings created after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 toward the government agency should end.

"FEMA is no longer the Katrina FEMA. We're holding them to high expectations. I know from my last experience with floods people get very frustrated when they don't help right away," said Klobuchar.

With homes under water, there is the promise that people affected won't be ignored.

"Then that disaster relief will be triggered, which means help with individual homes, unemployment, help with infrastructure and things like that," added Klobuchar.

She said Washington recognizes the communities have put up a fight against the Red River.

"The forces of nature are going to meet the forces of this community," said Klobuchar, adding FEMA plans to keep up the battle toward recovery along with them.