By Paul Jurgens

MINNEAPOLIS – Senator Amy Klobuchar is among Minnesotans paying tribute to the late Minnesota Vikings coach Bud Grant.

The legendary Hall of Fame head coach died Saturday at age 95.

Klobuchar posted a video on social media wearing a short sleeve top while it was snowing. She said in the message, “Why I am not wearing a coat and not long sleeves? Because of Bud Grant. That’s what he always did. When he was 88, 88 he went out at that Vikings-Seattle playoff game to do the coin-toss, subzero temperatures in a polo shirt. We loved Bud Grant! He was all about grit, Minnesota grit and we’re gonna to miss him.”

Her late father, Jim Klobuchar, was a longtime Minnesota sports writer and she says he and Grant were friends until the end of his life. Klobuchar said she worked with Bud on outdoors and conservation issues in his later years.