Sen. Amy Klobuchar came to St. Cloud on Friday to participate in a seminar on promoting small businesses, jobs and new markets for Minnesota-made products.

The hourlong seminar, called "A World of Opportunity: Promoting Export Success for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses," was at the St. Cloud Area Chamber of Commerce office in downtown St. Cloud.

Business and political leaders, including 6th District congressional candidate state Sen. Tarryl Clark, DFL-St. Cloud, heard Klobuchar discuss a bill she has co-sponsored to help small- and mid-size businesses promote their products overseas and find markets for their products.

The Export Promotion Act of 2010 would restore staffing levels at a Commerce Department program that connects small businesses with potential export markets. That program has lost about 200 officials since 2004, and the bill would restore those staffing levels.

Klobuchar, D-Minn., called the program a "business version of"

The bill also would expand outreach efforts so more small- and mid-size businesses know about the Commerce Department program.

Klobuchar discussed the need to make exports a key part of growing the U.S. economy and gave examples of startup Minnesota businesses that have found foreign market partners and have grown their companies dramatically.

She told attendees her appearance and the seminar were part of an effort to discuss "how government can give businesses a push forward."