Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar issued the following statement for Memorial Day:

“All across our state this weekend, people are coming together to celebrate Memorial Day. For some that means a picnic or a parade. For others it means spending time with family. For all of us it means honoring the brave Americans who made that ultimate sacrifice for our nation—who laid down their lives so the rest of us could live free.

“On this Memorial Day, I think back to some of the most humbling moments of my life, during the memorial services I’ve attended for our troops. I’ve been humbled to meet their families and the conversations we’ve had have been sobering but inspiring reminders that serving one’s country is about so much more than what’s written in the history books. It is about the feats of valor and acts of heroism practiced by people who love this country so much they are willing to die for it. 

“The debt we owe to these men and women can never be repaid. But we can honor their legacy by supporting their families and standing behind the troops who proudly serve today.

“Minnesota is a state where we wrap our arms around the people who serve and sacrifice for us. On this Memorial Day, we salute each and every American who has proudly worn the uniform of our country, and we honor the memory of those who never came home.”