Washington, DC – U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar today called for Democrats and Republicans to come together on a smart balanced approach to the budget that would put the country on a path to fiscal sustainability and move the economy forward. During the Senate debate on the Budget Resolution, Klobuchar gave a speech on the Senate floor and called for common ground on a debt reduction plan that includes a mix of responsible spending cuts and new revenue from closing loopholes and ending wasteful spending in the tax code. Klobuchar is Vice Chair of the Joint Economic Committee (JEC), the bicameral Congressional committee responsible for overseeing matters relating to the U.S. economy and recommending policies to move the economy forward.

“We all agree that we need to reduce our debt, but our ultimate goal isn’t simply a balanced budget—it’s balance in the budget,”said Klobuchar. “Right now we have the opportunity and the responsibility to find common ground on a debt reduction plan that will help build a stronger, more resilient framework for economic renewal so that families and businesses have the certainty they need.”

Klobuchar was one of 14 senators that fought for the creation of the bipartisan Debt Commission, and was also part of a bipartisan group of 45 senators who pushed for a balanced debt reduction plan in Congress.