WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar issued the following statement regarding reports that Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke with the Russian Ambassador and misled the Senate Judiciary Committee, of which Klobuchar is a member, regarding those meetings.

"Attorney General Sessions must agree to come before the Judiciary Committee immediately so that we can determine whether he lied to the committee and the American people as well as how this relates to the question of Russian interference in our election. We need to know what happened at that meeting, whether he communicated with the Trump campaign before or after the meeting, and whether this is part of a bigger pattern.

"Three days before Attorney General Sessions' September meeting with the Russian ambassador, President Obama made it clear to Vladimir Putin and the world that the U.S. would not roll back sanctions on Russia. This resembles news that broke just a few weeks ago that Michael Flynn contacted the Russian ambassador on the same day the U.S. expanded sanctions on Russia. 

“There is nothing less at stake here than the preservation of our democracy. The American people deserve answers."