WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar released the following statement after President Obama addressed a joint session of Congress in his State of the Union speech:

“Tonight the President underscored the importance of revitalizing our country’s competitive edge to move our economy forward.

I have long championed a competitive agenda for America to secure our economic standing on the global stage. That means reducing our debt in a balanced way; investing in a 21st century education system, a high-tech workforce and homegrown energy; and making commonsense reforms to advance innovation, promote manufacturing and help our businesses export their goods to the world.

I was proud to have St. Cloud State University President, Dr. Earl Potter join me tonight for the President’s speech. I toured St. Cloud State University’s Fluid Dynamics lab last year and witnessed Dr. Potter’s commitment to equipping our students with the skills they need to compete in a high-tech economy. The University’s large international student population also highlights the need for commonsense immigration reforms that will help ensure the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs get their start in America.

To achieve these goals we must pledge to work together and answer the American people’s call for more bipartisanship and less gridlock. I believe that if we remain committed to forging real solutions to our nation’s toughest challenges we can make significant progress on an agenda that will invest in America’s future.”