Klobuchar leads Canada-U.S. Senate group

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar welcomes Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to the United States this week for his official state visit.

As co-chair of the Canada-United States InterParliamentary Group, Klobuchar attended a reception with Prime Minister Trudeau last night, where the attached photo was taken. Among other topics, the two discussed hockey and the great history of hockey players in both Canada and the United States.

Today, the Senator will attend a luncheon at the State Department as well as the State Dinner at the White House honoring the Prime Minister. Klobuchar will also participate in a meeting with the Prime Minister and a small group of Senators.

“As co-chair of the Canada-United States InterParliamentary Group, I’ve been working with Canadian officials for years on issues ranging from border crossings to timber, from the Great Lakes to energy. Prime Minister Trudeau brings new-found excitement and focus to our long-standing friendship with Canada," said Klobuchar. “I am hopeful that the Prime Minister’s visit will be productive, and that our relationship with our good friend to the north will only deepen as we work together on our shared priorities, which of course, from a Minnesota perspective, always includes hockey."

For nearly ten years, Klobuchar has been the co-chair of the Canada-United States InterParliamentary Group. In that capacity, she has met with her Canadian counterparts many times on issues that are important to the U.S.-Canada relationship. In 2013, she held her swearing-in celebration at the Canadian Embassy, the first Senator known to do so.