Senators today reintroduced bipartisan legislation to help protect seniors from neglect and financial exploitation

Court-Appointed Guardian Accountability and Senior Protection Act would help crack down on elder abuse by strengthening oversight and accountability for guardians and conservators

Washington, DC – U.S. Senators Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and John Cornyn (R-TX) are continuing their efforts to protect seniors from neglect, abuse, and financial exploitation. The senators today reintroduced the Court-Appointed Guardian Accountability and Senior Protection Act, bipartisan legislation that would help crack down on elder abuse by strengthening oversight and accountability for guardians and conservators.

“Too many vulnerable adults are abused and financially exploited by the very people who are supposed to be caring for them,” said Klobuchar. “While most court-appointment guardians are law-abiding professionals, we must do everything we can to stop those guardians who use their position of power for their own gain. By increasing accountability and oversight of guardians, this bipartisan legislation would help ensure our seniors are safe from abuse and mistreatment.”

Throughout her time in the Senate, Klobuchar has been fighting to ensure that all Americans have safety, dignity, and good health in their senior years. She recently introduced the Senior Fraud Prevention Act to help fight scams designed to strip seniors of their assets by educating seniors about fraud schemes and improving monitoring of and response to fraud complaints. She has reintroduced the Americans Giving Care to Elders (AGE) Act to help reduce the financial burden on families by establishing a federal tax credit to assist with the costs of caring for an aging family member. She has also worked to preserve and strengthen Medicare and improve access to less-expensive prescription drugs.

In March, members of Klobuchar’s staff held a statewide “Supporting Our Seniors” tour to highlight resources available to assist seniors with health and financial needs, as well as steps seniors can take to protect themselves from fraud. Seniors who need assistance accessing services are encouraged to contact Senator Klobuchar’s office by calling 612-727-5220.