Investment will be used to repair Port facilities

WASHINGTON - U.S. Senators Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and Tina Smith (D-MN) announced that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has awarded $19 million through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act to help with operational and maintenance repairs for waterway infrastructure surrounding the Port of Duluth-Superior. 

“As the largest and busiest port on the Great Lakes, the Port of Duluth-Superior is integral to our state’s economy, connecting Minnesota farmers and businesses to global markets and customers,” said Senator Klobuchar. “This investment will help with necessary repairs that are crucial to maintaining Minnesota’s economic competitiveness and ensuring the Port of Duluth remains a regional economic hub.” 

“The Port of Duluth is an economic engine for Minnesota’s economy and the largest transporter of iron ore of any port in the country,” said Senator Smith. “These investments will help increase efficiency, strengthen capacity, and support economic growth in the region.”

The funding will enable the completion of ongoing dock wall reconstruction in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers vessel yard. It will also help increase the Erie Pier Confined Disposal Facility’s  capacity to handle and transport material to beneficial use sites, making more beneficial use projects possible. 

In April, Klobuchar visited the Port of Duluth-Superior to highlight the need for infrastructure investments to modernize the Port. 

Klobuchar and Smith were vocal supporters of the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act enacted in November. The legislation delivers investments to improve Minnesota’s water infrastructure, as well as the state’s roads, bridges, and public transportation. 

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